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Treasure yesterday, dream of tomorrow, but live for today"  ~ Author Unknown

    We are a free, healing resource for women with cancer that treats the mind, body and spirit. The Healing Nest reaches out to women with cancer by offering a series of wellness treatments designed to comfort, encourage and enlighten.

    Chances are your life has been touched by cancer - by a family member, a dear friend or an acquaintance; this disease does not discriminate.  The Healing Nest came to life as a way for us to honor all the special people in our lives that we have lost to cancer or that are now fighting the battle.  After volunteering in the community with cancer patients, Lisa Caretti and Trisha Dezenski wanted to create an ongoing reach-out program that focused on the mind, body and spirit.

    Those who are fighting a battle with cancer use all of their energy simply to get through their treatments. Their lives become filled with hospitals, tests and doctor appointments, leaving them with little time or even the ability to step aside for pampering or reflection.  The Healing Nest offers patients the opportunity to receive meaningful relaxation, massages, facials and other spa services completely free to them, all in a warm and nurturing environment.  We want every patient to feel that we are behind them with gentle support, comfort and compassion.

(At this time, we are not handicap accessible)


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