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Our Washinton Twp Volunteers

The Healing Nest could not exist without the assistance of many helpful hands. Our guests love being pampered with the fabulouse servies that we offer, however it is the lunch that we serve at the end of the day that provides a unique bonding opportunity that they are unable to find elsewhere. Volunteers are always needed to provide lunches. For helpful guidelines, please see the Forms page.





Lisa Caretti-Founder, President & Reiki Master

I am a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and an author. The idea for The Healing Nest came to life after volunteering at Gilda’s Club with my dear friend and mentor Trisha Dezenski. Together we saw a need to create a nurturing haven for women who are in treatment for cancer by offering free holistic treatments. 


Shortly after starting The Healing Nest, my then eight-year-old son Joey began his own long and 

challenging journey with cancer. This experience has given me an even deeper compassion for those 

suffering from this horrific disease and the desire to continue educating others on health, and nutrition, and choosing clean and safe products.


The Healing Nest has been such a meaningful experience for me. I am surrounded by the most loving 

and compassionate volunteers who give their time and talents so generously. The beautiful guests 

who walk through our door have touched my heart and have become my friends. 

I am so deeply grateful to all those who have helped make this organization possible. 


To learn more about my books which help support The Healing Nest please visit:


*For more information on Reiki services, please contact Lisa at: or 586-292-9766


Patti Zagar

I was born and raised in Center Line, Mi. Currently residing in Shelby Twp.


Things that I really love to do, include reading, biking, cooking and yoga.

Volunteering for numerous organizations is very important to me, especially, for the Healing Nest, as I am a former guest, and Breast Cancer Survivor of 5 years. Nothing is more rewarding than giving back and brightening someone else's life!

Sue Kulongowski

I lived in Shelby Township with my husband Paul.  We love to travel and have a special fondness for long road trips around the United States and Canada.  I also love to cook and play poker.  My passion for the past 21 years, also known as my job, is making memory teddy bears from heirloom fabric and furs.  To take a special piece of clothing that has sentimental value to someone and be able to bring it out of the closet and turn it into something they can hug and display has brought me as much joy as it does for the people that trust me with their treasures.  I have gratitude every day for the opportunity to enrich the lives of so many people through my teddy bears.

Lisa has been a wonderful friend for several years.  I am so happy that I am at a point in my life where I can help with the events at The Healing Nest.  The feeling of love, support and strength is inspiring.  Being able to be a volunteer is a priceless gift.  Thank you.


Facebook page:

Website: teddybear

Tanya Nieschulz- Patient & Volunteer Director

I am married and the proud mother of two sons and a daughter and even prouder yet of my four beautiful granddaughters and my precious, five year old grandson.


After thirty exciting years in Interior Design, I decided to retire, relax and play golf. But after two weeks of being home I thought, ok now what?


So I decided to go back into design business on a part time basis which would still leave me plenty of time to golf.


Little did I know that Lisa would call me to see if I would help start up

The Healing Nest with her. I said yes immediately!

She opened her home and I felt like my life had started all over again.

What a wonderful, rewarding feeling it is to help all these beautiful women who

come to enjoy our service day. See them relaxing, getting pampered and laughing, is such joy.

We all share the same dreams for the future of the Healing Nest. 

Looking forward to it all with love.


Irene Rohlfing

I began volunteering at The Healing Nest in October of 2014 and enjoy being part of such a meaningful organization. I am married to a fantastic and caring man and the Nana to three terrific grandchildren 

who are a big part of our lives. 


I am a caring a dedicated volunteer and I look forward to our monthly service dates. The ladies are so inspiring; I receive so much more from them than I give. I am so grateful to be a part of The Healing Nest and the comfort it brings to so many wonderful women.


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